"Instantly memorable, the album is packed with infectious hooks, especially on the title track and the upbeat "Moon Tea." - NPR 


   1. Amos In Ohio

  2. Moon Tea

  3. Your Tester Bunny

  4. Music From An Adjacent Car

  5. Scent Of Mint

  6. Connecting The Dots

  7. Tree Hugger

  8. Please Respond

  9. Self Help Tapes

  10. Lake Erie Lament

  11. Glass Jar Filled With Teeth

  12. Penguin Suit

  13. Shower With The Sun Shining In


"Such a great, unique album. Lack Luster Love will rip your heart out, that one track is worth it on its own" - Amazon


1Find Love, Let Go

2Get Mad

3Lackluster Love

4Flat City

5. Bat Fangs

6. Give Up the Anger

7. Acepilladora


"Real Blasty, the sophomore full-length release from Chicago-born Kyle Andrews, is an upbeat album for sad people who just want to dance. A lesser artist could get weighed down by the broody lyrics covering unrequited love, insecurities and general enui. But Andrews pulls it off by pairing his angst with bright electro-pop rhythms and irresistible hooks." - NPR


1. Sushi 

2. Naked In New York 

3. Polar Bear 

4. Call and Fade 

5. Tennessee Torture Dreams 

6. Put Your Hands Up 

7. Wavering Between The Real and The Abstract 

8. Blow It Out 

9. Take It To Heart 

10. I Wanted to Paint a Rainbow 

11. Cut and Paste 

12. Bus 

"The synthpop songs are short, sweet, and guaranteed to make your head bob and your arms go crazy like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man" - redefine magazine


1. You Always Make Me Smile

2. Kangaroo 

3. Sushi (Slow Dance Prom Remix) 

4. Lover 

5. Don't Feel Left Out 

6. You Always Make Me Smile (Remix!)

"It’s difficult to highlight one track from the next because quite simply, they’re all stellar. Each track is carefully and passionately crafted in such a way that as the album plays out you find yourself saying “this is the best track!!”, only to change your mind once you hear the next track" - POPMATTERS

Robot Learn Love - 2011

1. Make Me Feel Human 

2. Heart U 4 Ever 

3. Bombs Away 

4. Bigger 

5. Lazer Tag With Imaginary Friends

6. I'm Comin 2 Get U 

7. Turn The Radio Up 

8. Lynx In Cages 

9. Complex

10. The Search For A Heart 

"It’s an album that breathes hope, positivity, and an outlook that tomorrow will be a new and brighter day." - The Owl Mag

1. Lion

2. I Want That Heart 

3. Crystal Ball 

4.Looking Up 

5. Exfoliare (Gotta Make Moves)

6. If You Wanna Shine 

7. Falling Into Flying 

8. Brighter Than The Sun 

9. Set Your Heart At Ease 

10. The Way To Wonder 

"“One Plus One” is celebrating being an introvert.  For those types, a quiet night at home is a party." - American Songwriter


1. One Plus One

2. Great Big Life 

3. Pet

"Kyle Andrews is just perfect, all his songs are filled with so much joy and I love it ♡" - Ammity Pajamas

1. All This Goodness