One Plus One is the new EP from Nashville singer/songwriter Kyle Andrews. Following the release of his fourth full length album Brighter Than the Sun in Summer 2013, Andrews set out to create new tracks inspired by the forthcoming promise of the changing of the seasons, inspired by the energy of the spring. The One Plus One EP is a sneak peek of Andrews' upcoming fifth full-length, which is expected later this year. A soundtrack fit for the summer, the 3-track EP is exclusively premiering on American Songwritertoday, to coincide with a series of May & June tour dates that take Andrews through the Southern U.S. concluding with a date in Los Angeles.

The tracks on One Plus One are a continuation of the acoustic guitar/synth keyboard sound found on earlier works. Drawing inspiration from society’s inclination towards the technological, Andrews is no stranger to the innovative- he uses everything from built-in laptop mics to top-of-the line studio set ups to compose and record his tunes. Known for colorful and inventive music videos, high energy live shows, and songs featured in film and tv around the world, Kyle is perhaps best known for his 2010 hit “You Always Make Me Smile,” which was featured in a worldwide ad campaign and had a video that was shot during an attempt to make the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest water balloon fight. 

"Kyle's style lands somewhere between the whimsy of fun., the plucky pitter-patter of Good Old War, and the vocal expressiveness of Conor Oberst.” – MTV Buzzworthy 

“Think of the best summer night you’ve had–the ones where you’re just drunk enough to think that everything looks beautiful–bottle that in a song, and you’ve got ‘Crystal Ball.’” -NYLON